Initial Consultations

The initial consult is 120 minutes.  You will be asked to complete an extensive review of personal history and health care needs. We will discuss your medical and family history, your experience of life and any emotions that arise from this.  We will then continue with a full massage.

After your treatment you will be given information on self care for your home practice and discuss your treatment plan moving forward.

Follow Up Appointments

Standard appointments are 90 minutes. 

Extended appointments are 120 minutes.

We always start by checking in with how you are going, review your last period and your experience of your self care at home. Treatments mainly start on the back, sacral, spine and gluteal to allow you to unwind and become more aware.  In the sessions there is work on the abdomen from the rib cage to the pubic bone, techniques such as pulsing, rebozo, balancing meridians and lymphatic drainage therapy. You will be nurtured and nourished while being held in a deep safe place.

At the end of each session if it is appropriate, suggestion of self care for your home practice will be offered. Self care could possibly be a yoga pose, a breathing practice, a self massage or even some research to dive into for your own discovery.

Ongoing Treatment as self care

A lot of my clients use womb massage as their regular self care. As the space and discomfort is moved out from the abdomen and womb, the whole body can unravel deeper and deeper with continuing treatment. I feel very honored to work long term with women through their journey of life, offering all the modalities I have learnt through my many years as a body worker.