“The massage techniques that Amnys uses are very unique and extraordinarily effective. She effectively massages the areas usually left untouched by remedial therapists, that has wonderful effects of feeling flexible, digesting easily and reducing period flow and pain.  In addition, I feel like I am also receiving a spiritual treatment as I’m certain Amnys is guided by her excellent intuition in areas to focus and outcomes needed. I am a complete convert for this style of massage and no longer seek remedial massage therapy.”

– Kaylee, Kinesiologist

“Thank you for walking the road less travelled with me. Coming to you for therapy, I didn’t know what to expect but I felt that I could trust you and let go of fears.

You taught me the importance of daily self care through abdominal massage and to listen to my body’s needs, resulting in a profound sense of healing – my red line, my lineage, my history. I learned that I am capable of loving and caring for myself.

Finally, with your guidance I felt ready to become a mother; being blessed with falling pregnant with our baby this year, but then having had a miscarriage, came deep sadness and grief. Amnys, thank you for walking and guiding me through that experience and holding sacred space where I could grieve, cry and heal.

Thank you for teaching me the tools to mother myself, for helping me to trust my body and for the deep connection to my womb.

From my heart to your heart may I wish you love and gratitude.”

– Love S. Sark

“Never before have I experienced such an intuitive healer. I gain deep insights about myself after a massage with Amnys, which are still useful to me years later. Her breadth of practice and love of learning  make her a unique and experienced practitioner. She is highly regarded in NSW Southern Highlands and we are jealous that Adelaide now has the benefit of her skills.”

– Katherine Clarke, Psychologist

“I highly recommend Amnys as a massage therapist. She brings a holistic approach to overall health and well being that gave me great results.  It’s also the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had.”

– Georgia